Jazz-Pelicans, Lakers-Clippers to reopen NBA season on July 30

The NBA released its schedule for the remainder of the 2020 regular season beginning July 30 in Orlando.

The season will resume with a doubleheader on Friday with the Jazz vs. the Pelicans and the Lakers vs. the Clippers.

All regular season games will take place between July 30 and August 14.

The remaining hours are below (in Eastern Time):

Thursday, July 30
Utah vs. New Orleans, 6:30 pm
LA Clippers vs. LA Lakers, 9 pm

Friday, July 31
Orlando vs. Brooklyn, 2:30 pm
Memphis vs. Portland, 4 pm
Phoenix vs. Washington, 4 pm
Boston vs. Milwaukee, 6:30 pm
Sacramento vs. San Antonio, 8 pm
Houston vs. Dallas, 9 pm

Saturday August 1
Miami vs. Denver, 1 pm
Utah vs. Oklahoma City, 3:30 pm
New Orleans vs. LA Clippers, 6 pm
Philadelphia vs. Indiana, 7 pm
LA Lakers vs. Toronto, 8:30 pm

Sunday August 2
Washington vs. Brooklyn, 2 pm
Portland vs. Boston, 3:30 pm
San Antonio vs. Memphis, 4 pm
Sacramento vs. Orlando, 6 pm
Milwaukee vs. Houston, 8:30 pm
Dallas vs. Phoenix, 9 pm

Monday August 3
Toronto vs. Miami, 1:30 pm
Denver vs. Oklahoma City, 4 pm
Indiana vs. Washington, 4 pm
Memphis vs. New Orleans, 6:30 pm
San Antonio vs. Philadelphia, 8 pm
LA Lakers vs. Utah, 9 pm

Tuesday August 4
Brooklyn vs. Milwaukee, 1:30 pm
Dallas vs. Sacramento, 2:30 pm
Phoenix vs. LA Clippers, 4 pm
Orlando vs. Indiana, 6 pm
Boston vs. Miami, 6:30 pm
Houston vs. Portland, 9 p.m.

Wednesday August 5
Memphis vs. Utah, 2:30 pm
Philadelphia vs. Washington, 4 pm
Denver vs. San Antonio, 4 pm
Oklahoma City vs. LA Lakers, 6:30 pm
Toronto vs. Orlando, 8 pm
Brooklyn vs. Boston, 9 pm

Thursday August 6
New Orleans vs. Sacramento, 1:30 pm
Miami vs. Milwaukee, 4 pm
Indiana vs. Phoenix, 4 pm
LA Clippers vs. Dallas, 6:30 pm
Portland vs. Denver, 8 pm
LA Lakers vs. Houston, 9 pm

Friday August 7
Utah vs. San Antonio, 1 pm
Oklahoma City vs. Memphis, 4 pm
Sacramento vs. Brooklyn, 5 pm
Orlando vs. Philadelphia, 6:30 pm
Washington vs. New Orleans, 8 pm
Boston vs. Toronto, 9 pm

Saturday August 8
LA Clippers vs. Portland, 1 pm
Utah vs. Denver, 3:30 pm
LA Lakers vs. Indiana, 6 pm
Phoenix vs. Miami, 7:30 pm
Milwaukee vs. Dallas, 8:30 pm

Sunday August 9
Washington vs. Oklahoma City, 12:30 pm
Memphis vs. Toronto, 2 PM
San Antonio vs. New Orleans, 3 pm
Orlando vs. Boston, 5 pm
Philadelphia vs. Portland, 6:30 pm
Houston vs. Sacramento, 8 pm
Brooklyn vs. LA Clippers, 9 pm

Monday August 10
Oklahoma City vs. Phoenix, 2:30 pm
Dallas vs. Utah, 3 pm
Toronto vs. Milwaukee, 6:30 pm
Indiana vs. Miami, 8 pm
Denver vs. LA Lakers, 9 pm

Tuesday August 11
Brooklyn vs. Orlando, 1 pm
Houston vs. San Antonio, 2 pm
Phoenix vs. Philadelphia, 4:30 pm
Portland vs Dallas, 5 pm
Boston vs. Memphis, 6:30 pm
New Orleans vs. Sacramento, 9 p.m.
Milwaukee vs. Washington, 9 pm

Wednesday August 12
Indiana vs. Houston, 4 pm
Toronto vs. Philadelphia, 6:30 pm
Miami vs. Oklahoma City, 8 pm
LA Clippers vs. Denver, 9 pm

Thursday August 13
Washington vs. Boston, TBA
Portland vs. Brooklyn, TBA
Sacramento vs. LA Lakers, TBA
Milwaukee vs. Memphis, TBA
New Orleans vs. Orlando, TBA
Dallas vs. Phoenix, TBA
San Antonio vs. Utah, TBA

Friday August 14
Philadelphia vs. Houston, TBA
Miami vs. Indiana, TBA
Oklahoma City vs. LA Clippers, TBA
Denver vs. Toronto, TBA