Italian woman tells how her partner used coffee to fire her in Italy

An Italian woman describes how a coworker made a sedative with a cut in her morning cappuccino as a result of a tough workplace competition.

Alice Borden, said the target of the conspiracy The newspaper La Stampa said she always trusted a colleague and it is still unbelievable that he tried to “eliminate” it by sticking a tranquilizer in his coffee to make her feel sleepy and feel dull at work.

A colleague, Mariangela Sarato, was sentenced this week to four years in prison. The court heard that she wanted to defame Borden in the eyes of the company’s boss.

The coffee plot is dated October 6, 2017. As always, Serrato bought her friends a round of coffee from a bar near her office fee in a bra, bra in Piedmont.

“Normally I would sniff it, but that day I drank it all in a bunch,” Borden said. After a while, she lost her balance as she walked towards her desk. “Everything was black. I felt like I was floating.”

Borden was taken to hospital where he was tested for a suspected stroke. She had a similar reaction after drinking many more cappuccinos that Cereto bought, and on one occasion her car collided with a wall.

It wasn’t until Christmas that year that Borden became suspicious. “She took a few days off and in the meantime I was fine,” Borden said. “I thought there might be a link between coffee and [health] Crisis. The neurologist advised me not to drink it for a month, and I did just that. ”

A few months later, she accepted another cappuccino from Sarato, but drank only half of it.

“I put the other half in a test tube and tests showed it contained 10 times the amount of tranquilizer that is usually advised.”

Sarato then grabbed the red hand. “When the police got involved, we were putting medicine in her cup, so we stopped her.”