Iranian dissidents urged Biden to keep up pressure on Tehran, calling the regime “the weakest stage in history.”

Iranian dissidents have called on the Biden administration to maintain pressure on the country’s leaders, arguing that the regime is on its “weakest point in history” – even though the administration is ready to reconnect with Tehran.

A report by the Organization of Iranian-American Communities (OIAC), which opposes the regime and calls for a democratic, secular government, warns that US policy is based on “blind faith that the regime will one day change its behavior, whether on isolation or engagement.” Guess that’s not logically wrong and obviously vague. “

Houseland Republicans warn of “historic error” in reporting lifting activities on Iran.

He alleges that the regime’s human rights record has deteriorated further in recent years, and he has drawn attention to the example of supporting terrorism – both by supporting groups like Hezbollah and in Europe, with conspiracies against dissidents in Paris in 2018.

In a statement in the report, OIAC’s political director Dr. Maj. “Those who want to deal with the Iranian regime must understand that the Iranian regime is desperate, weak and very different from its own population,” Majid Sadeghpore said.

The Trump administration launched a “maximum pressure” campaign against the regime, pulling out of the 2015 Iran deal and imposing sanctions on exports and top officials.

The report said the government’s fragility was reflected in the large number of large-scale protests since 2019: “The regime is clearly at a weak point in history,” he said, adding that Tehran’s focus now was on controlling the insurgency at home.

But the Biden administration has demanded a different approach. It is backing Trump-era efforts to impose sanctions on the UN, including an arms embargo on Tehran, while signaling its willingness to re-enter the Iran nuclear deal. It has also provided support for Saudi offensive operations in Yemen, where Saudis are fighting Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

At the same time, Secretary of State Anthony Blink has said that re-engagement is conditional on Iran changing its behavior.

Bilateral Housing Return to Democratic Iran, Pressure Area Terror Plot

“The path to diplomacy is now open. Iran is still far from complying [with the deal]”He was quoted as saying by Reuters recently. So we have to see what he does, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

Dissidents have warned that engaging diplomatically could “jeopardize the significant US gains achieved by the maximum pressure campaign, which is likely to catch on with the administration.”

It urges the administration to rally its European allies and dissidents to change its behavior on Iran and force any engagement to join “probing measures to prevent its excesses at home” and to investigate past human rights violations.

Calling for the release of political prisoners, the report said, “Tehran should also be held accountable for holding foreign nationals hostage, who will be rewarded for their release.”

Republicans move to slam Biden to push Iran sessions

Furthermore, he says the administration should avoid easing or lifting sanctions unless it is referred to as a “significant shift” in governance policies.

“Tehran’s retreat must be meaningful and lasting, not half-hearted or momentary. The regime’s regional predictions, blackmail and espionage tactics must be effectively countered by the White House’s determined policy,” he says.

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Dissident calls for a democratic and secular Iran were promoted earlier this month at a time co-signed by more than 100 House legislators from both parties in support of a democratic, secular Iran and condemning the regime’s terrorist plots. .

Meanwhile, Republican Biden expressed concern about easing sanctions pressure by the administration. On Tuesday, Houseland Security warned Republicans that doing so would be a “historic mistake.”