IPad Pro LiDAR 2020 data to be sent to Apple ahead of Apple Glass presentation to enhance AR experience

Apple released the new iPad Pro 2020 with the A12Z chipset which is slightly more powerful compared to the 2018 iPad Pro. The company also released keyboard and trackpad support that brings it much closer to being called a computer. In terms of hardware, the iPad Pro 2020 took a significant hit in the camera department with an ultra wide-angle lens and a LiDAR sensor. The iPad Pro 2020’s LiDAR sensor may be doing all the groundwork for Apple’s rumored Apple Glass to enhance the AR experience.

The LiDAR sensor is not the sensor in your everyday camera that helps capture photos and videos. It is used in driverless cars to build a 3D map of the surroundings. You can calculate distance, location and more. The iPad Pro 2020 equips the LiDAR sensor that will mainly perform augmented reality tasks. However, there is a possibility that the iPad sensor does not only relate to the device alone.

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Apple’s iPad Pro 2020 is doing all the groundwork for the upcoming Apple Glass to drive the AR experience

Jon Prosser previously stated that the data buildup from the LiDAR sensor is not just about the iPad, but is being sent to Apple. If that’s true, Apple is making use of the data to help power Apple Glass for an improved AR experience, as indicated by a tipster in a tweet.

2020 iPad Pro LiDAR Apple Glass

Apple’s AR glasses will be called Apple Glass, as previously reported. Apple Glass could happen when the company filed a new patent showing the detachable arms of the specs that gave AR glasses a modular design. In the past few months, we have heard a lot about AR glasses and will be using AR through an integrated LiDAR sensor.

From now on, Apple could be making a big effort, investing in AR technology and what better way to get the data than its own product. However, we are only speculating here by claiming that the iPad Pro 2020 data is being sent to Apple to be used to enhance the AR experience with Apple Glass. Apple’s AR-compatible glasses are expected to launch in 2021, so we have a bit of time before hearing any solid details on the matter.

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2020 iPad Pro LiDAR Apple Glass

Initially, some users assumed that the LiDAR sensor is added on the iPad Pro 2020 to improve the quality of photos. This may not be the case. Apple promoted the LiDAR scanner and the AR capabilities of the iPad in addition to personal use, the technology is also quite useful in business.

2020 iPad Pro LiDAR Apple Glass

It will let users know how virtual objects will match physical objects. Since the LiDAR sensor is good enough at detecting depth, width and other aspects with low power and low latency, all the data could be quite helpful for Apple to refine Apple Glass before its official presentation.

Going forward, we can assume that the iPad Pro 2020’s LiDAR sensor is doing all the preliminary work for the upcoming Apple Glass. Right now, the last word falls on Apple and its plans to advance AR. What do you think of the situation? Let us know in the comments.