iOS 14: AirPods optimized charging, Apple Watch charging notification, more

Apple announced a number of improvements for iOS 14 in its inaugural speech at WWDC 2020. Here are some features that didn’t make it to the presentation.

As is typical, there are many new features, capabilities, and functions in iOS 14 that Apple didn’t have time to announce during its keynote speech on Monday. These are some of the most important that we have found.

Activation type shortcuts

Along with Back Tap functionality and Apple Watch support, the Shortcuts app is also getting new trigger types and 13 new self-triggers.

Self-timer types, which include Low Power Mode or Airplane Mode, can be executed automatically without requiring user permission.

Dark Sky Weather Features

Thanks to the purchase of Dark Sky by Apple, it seems that some of the functions of that application are now being incorporated into iOS 14. On the one hand, US users. USA You will see a graph with a minute by minute forecast of precipitation intensity.

The Weather app also displays new information about severe weather events, as well as more common changes in local weather.

Photos improvements

Apple has given Photos some pinch and zoom options in iOS 14. It has also improved the Memories feature and introduced a new image picker for third-party applications.

Users can also add captions to photos and organize with additional categories to filter and sort.

Local Wi-Fi privacy options

IOS 14 users now have two new privacy controls when it comes to local Wi-Fi networks on their devices. For one thing, apps will now need to request permission to connect to devices on a local network.

Apple also introduced a new “Private Address” option that can prevent Wi-Fi network operators from tracking your device.

Revised music app

Apple has redesigned the Music app with new menus and other features. “For you” has been replaced by the “Listen Now” feature, which is now prominently displayed in the app.

The Music app’s search function has also been improved, and there is a new AutoPlay feature that allows Apple Music to play related tracks and artists when it reaches the end of a song or playlist.

Optimized charging of AirPods

Since iOS 13, iPhones have had an optimized battery charging feature. And in iOS 14, AirPods will also have a similar capacity.

As with the iOS-based version, the optimized battery charge will analyze and track a user’s daily charging habits, and will be delayed in completing a charge cycle until necessary to preserve battery health.

AirPods low battery notification

When your AirPods need power, your iPhone will now send you a notification to inform you.

New AirPods framework

Apple has introduced a new AirPods Pro framework that will allow developers to access acceleration, rotation and orientation data for their applications.

Apple Watch upload notifications

Starting with iOS 14, your iPhone will send you a notification when your Apple Watch finishes charging.

The feature will come in handy for users who need to top up their Apple Watch battery during the day after using the new Sleep Tracking app at night.

New reminder features

Members of a shared list in the new Reminders app can assign tasks to each other, making it a little easier to split reminders.

Users can now edit multiple reminders at once, add reminders with a Quick Entry option, and get contextual hints when entering them.

New QuickTake options

Apple has introduced a couple of new enhancements to QuickTake, the feature that allows users to quickly capture videos by holding down the camera button in Photos.

Users can now take a video by pressing the volume down button or take photos with the volume up. QuickTake as a feature is now also available on iPhone XR, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Video alternates quickly

All iPhone models that support iOS 14 now have quick controls to change the frame rate and resolution of the captured video.

Privacy photos

Rather than simply giving random access to your entire Photo library, you can now select specific photos and block access to your library.

Submit new apps to the App Library

The new App Library and home screen widgets are important features in iOS 14. But a smaller fact is that you can choose to send newly downloaded apps directly to the App Library only.

Reflected selfie option

Users now have the ability to take selfies that reflect what is displayed on screen, rather than mirrors.

Health checklist

There is a new Health Check List section in the Health app that allows users to view and manage records in one place. The Health app now also supports new data types like mobility, symptoms, and ECG.

IOS 14 Notes enhancements

Text styles can be edited much faster in iOS 14 by tapping and holding the text button. Searching for the Notes app is also faster across the board thanks to intelligence on the device.