Infinity Ward addresses Riot Shield issue in Warzone

Infinity Ward multiplayer co-director Joe Cecot has addressed a recent Riot Shield bug in Call of Duty Warzone and Modern Warfare.

The Riot Shield is not the most popular weapon option. While some players claim that it can promote a negative style of play, others may be more inclined to use it as protection.

Generally, if you have Overkill equipped, you can play aggressively while using the Riot Shield to protect your back. However, this recent bug causes most players to avoid the weapon at all costs.

Call of Duty Warzone Riot Shield Bug

The issue in question allows players to shoot through Riot Shields. Although the purpose of this weapon is to offer protection, the players are not very happy.

Twitter user ‘TheseKnivesOnly’ shows the problem from both perspectives. In a recent video, the player crouches in the corner of the building with a shield.

When the enemy starts firing, the player takes damage despite the fact that the riot shield seems to cover them.

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In response to this tweet, Joe Cecot has confirmed that they will investigate the problem.

Although a solution appears to be coming soon, Cecot has not yet specified an exact date.

However, it may be resolved in the mid-season update.

Infinity Ward has already confirmed that the mid-season update will primarily include weapon balancing and it looks like it will include a host of other solutions as well.

According to the Modern Warfare Trello Board, a solution to a ‘known ammunition problem’ also appears to be in progress.

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