If the teams are interested in Colin Kaepernick, they are not expressing it to them.

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Earlier this week, Mike Silver of the NFL Network said several teams have an interest in quarterback Colin Kaepernick. That may be the case; however, no one has approached the Kaepernick camp to collect information or do anything that suggests there is interest.

The teams may be interested. They may be waiting until boot camp approaches before making a move. It’s possible.

It’s also possible that if there is interest, ultimately it will not be acted upon, if by the end of July the effort to shake Kaepernick’s return to the NFL has waned.

Still, it’s one thing to express interest to a journalist or anyone else who, you know, isn’t the person a team has an interest in. It is quite another to express interest to the person in whom the interest exists. If / when that happens, that will be significant.

It hasn’t happened yet.