Iceland prepares for possible volcanic eruption after thousands of earthquakes last week

Icelandic officials are preparing for the possibility of an eruption from the country’s numerous volcanoes following a recent earthquake.

CNN reported Thursday that local officials have warned residents, including Reykjavik in the country’s southwestern region, that it is possible to erupt after thousands of tumblers in the past few days.

“Of course it worries people. For the region, this is not really because of the type of earthquake or their magnitude, but for their duration, quite unusual. It’s been happening for more than a week now.” University of Iceland, valorvaldur ðrðarson, in an interview with the network. “We’re fighting with ‘why’ at the moment. Why is this happening? Maybe we have a magma infiltration into the crust there. It certainly got closer to the surface, but we’re trying to figure it out if it gets too close.” Has been. “

Ererson’s team on Wednesday released images of possible lava flows that did not predict the impact of a potential eruption in any of the country’s towns. However, the main road connecting the country’s largest airport with Reykjavik may be less fortunate. According to Bloomberg, officials do not expect air travel to be affected by a potential explosion.

“Based on the current model Dell, no big city is in the direction of damage,” Irman Höschuldsson, another volcanologist, told CNN.

The country’s meteorological office said on its website on Thursday that thousands of earthquakes had struck the Southwest Reconnaissance region in the past week, including more than 2,600 in the past 48 hours. Several dozen intensities have been 3 or more. Hill has been reached for a count of earthquakes recorded in the past month.

A resident of the capital told CNN that the quake was almost continuous.

“It’s unusual for the earth to shake 24 hours a day throughout the week. It makes you feel too small and powerless against nature,” said ð ur alpha Ólafsdator.