Hubble spies “Knife Edge Galaxy” about 50 million light years from Earth

Galaxy NGC 5907

Galaxy known as NGC 5907 according to the image from the NASA / ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Credit: ESA / Hubble and NASA, R. de Jong Acknowledgment: Judy Schmidt (Geckzilla)

The galaxy known as NGC 5907 stretches across this image. Appearing as an elongated line of stars and dark dust, the galaxy is classified as a spiral galaxy just like ours. Milky Way. In this new image of POT/ THAT hubble space telescopeWe do not see the beautiful spiral arms because we are seeing it from the edge, like looking at the edge of a plate. It is for this reason that NGC 5907 is also known as Knife Edge Galaxy.

The Knife Edge Galaxy is about 50 million light years from Earth, in the northern constellation of Draco. Although not visible in this image, ghostly currents of stars in large arched arches spread out into space, circling the galaxy; They are believed to be remnants of a tiny dwarf galaxy, ripped apart by the Knife Edge Galaxy and merged with it more than four billion years ago.