How to pay income tax online in India? Electronic tax payment


Every citizen of India is supposed to pay income tax if his annual income is under the tax slab set by the Indian government. Paying taxes online is easy and convenient. So if you are looking for a way to pay your taxes online.

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How to pay income tax online

If you need to pay your taxes through online mode, then you need to follow some simple steps.

How To Pay Income Tax Online In India

1. Open “” on your computer and click on the Services section

2. From the drop-down menu, choose the electronic payment option: pay taxes online

3. Now, choose the appropriate challan from ITNS 280, ITNS 281, ITNS 282, ITNS 283, ITNS 284 or Form 26 QB pay-on-demand options (only for TDS for sale of property) as appropriate.

ITNS 280: This challan must be used to pay income tax, including corporation tax.
ITNS 281: This challan must be used to pay TDS / TCS for corporate and non-corporate deductors / collectors.

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ITNS 282: STT payment. This challan is used for the payment of security transaction tax, hotel receipt tax, property tax, interest tax, wealth tax, expense tax, other direct tax and gift tax.
ITNS 283: This challan is used to pay the bank tax on cash transactions and the tax on fringe benefits.
ITNS 284: Income tax and corporate tax in case of undisclosed foreign income and assets
ITNS 285: matching tax

ITNS 286: I-tax challan 286 can be used by online taxpayers under the 2016 Income Statement Scheme.
Form 26 QB: This form must be used to make the payment of the tax deducted at the source of the consideration paid for the purchase of real estate. It can be used by a corporate and non-corporate deductor.

4. Enter PAN / TAN (as applicable) and other mandatory details of challan such as the accounting manager under which the payment is made, the address and the name of the bank through which the payment will be made, etc. and send it.

5. After submission, a confirmation message will be displayed along with the taxpayer’s name.

6. Now, you will be redirected to the particular bank’s online banking portal that you selected in step 5.

7. Log in with your net bank credentials, enter payment details and make the payment.

8. Once the payment has been successfully made, the website will issue a Challan matrix with CIN, the details of the payment and the name of the bank with which the payment was made. Challan No / ITNS 280 is required to be used for self-assessment tax payment.

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Advantages of paying taxes online

  • Everyone has the convenience of paying online at any time (24 * 7)
  • You can pay on behalf of the company, the company and other people from anywhere in the country.
  • One can receive an immediate acknowledgment in the form of a challan.

Advantage of paying taxes for wearing challan

  • It is a simple way used to pay taxes to the government.
  • The tax is deposited in authorized banks and not directly with the tax department.
  • It can be paid.
  • Direct online – through Net Banking.
  • Manually: going to the bank physically.
  • Shawl prescribed form 280

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Types of income tax

Self-assessment tax

Self-assessment tax means any balance tax paid by the assessor on assessed income after taking into account the TDS and the advance tax before filing the Income Statement.

The self-assessment tax is paid for a particular financial year end. (i.e. after March 31)

Tax in advance

The advance tax is used to calculate your advance tax obligation. This type of tax is used paid in advance during the year. (that is, from April 1 to March 31)

Regular assessment tax

It is a tax paid when the income tax department receives any notification.