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Millionaires are strict for 2021 tax hike

Bernd Vogel | Getty Images According to the CNBC Millionaire Survey, despite the predictions of the Washington Gridlock and the Republican-led Senate, American millionaires are scrambling for tax increases next year. Nearly two-thirds of millionaires say taxes will rise under the Biden administration, which has questioned 50,050 people with more …

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The Biden family put national security at risk: Divine

It is surprising that Hunter Biden released a statement today in the form of an official press release from his father’s “Biden-Harris transition” operation, with the aim of confirming that he is under federal investigation for tax fraud. His statement read, “Yesterday I learned for the first time that the …

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A billionaire who pledged to pay off the debts of the entire college ledge class would pay 140 140 million for a four-year tax settlement settlement, a report said.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images Bloomberg reported Wednesday that billionaire Robert Smith will pay 140 140 million for a four-year tax investigation settlement. The CEO of private equity firm Vista Equity Partners will admit the misconduct, but will not be prosecuted, sources told Bloomberg. The settlement amount, which is expected …

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