How to make mother’s day at the time of the coronavirus | The Canberra Times


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This year, Mother’s Day is more important than ever. In a time when we don’t take anything for granted, mothers need a little more adoration than normal to move on. Many women have had their children at home all day, every day for the past few weeks. Now more than ever, the mother in your life needs a break and to be told how much she loves and appreciates her. Pamper her by doing some or all of the following on Mother’s Day. Sleep: I don’t know many mothers who wouldn’t appreciate sleeping on Mother’s Day. Even if we are not really asleep, staying just to sleep or have a coffee or tea and relax in bed before getting up to start the day is a well-earned luxury, and it’s free! Food: A day off to prepare meals is amazing. This in addition to breakfast in bed is even better. Time alone: ​​Give him some blame-free time. Take the children out for an hour so they can take a long bath in the tub or send them for a walk or a coffee. She will appreciate a little “I”. Family time: a special lunch or dinner together, a family bike ride, curled up on the couch to watch a movie. Anything that involves the whole family, but make sure it’s also enjoyable and relaxing for her. Handmade Gifts: In my opinion, there is nothing better than a handmade gift or card from my children. It is better than any store bought gift. This year we will not receive the wonderful gifts organized by the teachers at the school, therefore partners, it is up to you to encourage and facilitate the craft sessions! Reflective messages: Children are not always good at telling their mother how much they appreciate her and what a good job she is doing. Yes, we know that the thought is there, but sometimes it is necessary to say the words and tell us that we are appreciated. If you really want to brighten Mom’s day, be sure to tell her how much she is loved and appreciated. Dinner: planned, cooked, served and cleaned = amazing. Take Bedtime: After dinner is over, tell Mom to relax and have a glass of wine to relax on the couch while you (yes, your partner) takes care of the bathroom and bedtime routine.