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With explosions like none in existence

At the end of the Universe, long after the last shining stars flickered, there could be one last explosion. Named black dwarf supernovae, these dazzling explosions will announce in the eternal darkness as the Universe falls asleep, a new study suggests. These newly proposed supernovae are a special race that …

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Retaining critical knowledge – how to ensure business continuity during times of layoff and churn

[ad_1] When highly-skilled experts, engineers, and managers leave their organizations, they take with them years of hard-earned, experience-based knowledge. Though a competitive advantage, such knowledge is often undocumented, and losing it leads to serious setbacks during layoffs, retirement, departments, M&A activity, and transfers. Frameworks, checklists, tools, and case studies of …

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Do you have questions about unemployment in California? We talked to EDD about debit cards, waiting times, how to get benefits during the COVID-19 crisis.

[ad_1] SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many have questions about how to get unemployment benefits. California is seeing “unprecedented” numbers during the pandemic with approximately 4.6 million residents applying for unemployment since March 12, according to the latest projections by Governor Gavin Newsom. RELATED: …

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