How to help your children feel more comfortable wearing a mask


DETROIT – Wearing masks in public is the new normal for all of us and can take a while to get used to.

For parents, it can be difficult to get their children to wear their mask.

Angela Kadro has spent a lot of time playing outside with her three children: two 10-year-olds and one 5-year-old. All three are comfortable wearing face masks, but that’s not the case for everyone.

“It is important to be honest with children so they know this is not the normal time,” said Dr. Donna Rockwell. “We have to be more careful right now.”

Rockwell said parents should explain it in an age-appropriate way.

“There is a germ that circulates and everyone has to be very careful.” Not only is it here in the United States, but it’s actually all over the world, “Rockwell said.” So we’re doing something really cool now: We’re going to wear masks so no one gets sick. “

Top retailers have launched their own lines of kid-friendly reusable face masks with kid-friendly designs like anchors, bananas, and narwhals. Disney is doing the same with masks with all the characters that kids love to make wearing a mask less scary.

“It is really important to normalize these masks and the situation that we are going through,” Rockwell said. “The practical advice would be to practice wearing the mask at home, so that when you go out you will be familiar with this mask situation.”

You can also decorate masks together. Customize it to make them yours.

Perfect Trading Co. on Maple Road in Bloomfield is making children’s masks with their favorite designs of their own choosing, such as rainbows and flowers or their favorite sport.

Rockwell said you can remove some of the fear of the mask by making the mask fun.

“Incorporate the masks into the game, especially for young children and children who are still involved in the game. So yes, put the mask on the dog, make a doll mask, both the child and the dog can wear the mask together, “Rockwell said.” They could do superhero fantasies with the kid about, ‘oh, I’m putting on the mask, and now I’m going to go out into the world, and I’m going to help make sure everyone is safe and healthy,’ so the kid is really educated and empowered at the same time’.

Experts said part of what makes the masks scary for children is that their loved ones are not always recognizable with part of their faces covered.

“A mask isn’t really that scary, after all, it’s not when you see who’s behind the mask,” Rockwell said. our faces, so it is important that we familiarize them with them in a comfortable and playful way. “

Most importantly, remember that if you are not comfortable wearing a mask, your little one will notice that.

“Our children pick up signs from us. They just feel as safe as we feel safe. They just feel as relaxed as we feel relaxed. It is imperative that they understand how we feel, so it is up to us as parents to resolve our fears with our partner and talk about it, “Rockwell said.” But when we are with our children, I think we should put an optimistic and progressive face on the whole situation. “

Rockwell said that if your child still seems stressed about wearing a mask, ask him to draw pictures of his experiences, which can often help children discover how they feel.

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