How to get approved for Apple Card after being rejected

Apple Card includes many great features like a digital first experience, focus on privacy and security, Daily Cash, Titanium Physical Card and more. But what if it wasn’t approved? Apple has launched a new program to help customers understand why they were rejected and what they can do to get approval for the Apple Card in the future.

The new program is called “Path to Apple Card” and it launched today. What customers will get is a more detailed explanation of why they were not approved for the Apple Card, as well as monthly emails from Apple on what to do to increase the chances of being approved in the future (via CNET)

For the average customer in the Path to Apple Card program, it should take around four months to get a chance to reapply. For now, Goldman Sachs is choosing who can participate in Path to Apple Card through an invitation-only program.

In particular, Apple has just expanded its 0% interest Apple card offering from iPhone to now include iPad, Mac, AirPods and more. Whether you want to get free financing for something soon, or maybe you’re ready for the iPhone 12 lineup in September, the Path to Apple Card program could come in handy.

How to get approved for Apple Card

  • Request the Apple Card (tutorial here) or alternatively check the tips below
  • If rejected, look for an invitation to “Apple Card Path”
  • After completing the program, you will be invited to reapply for the Apple Card and you are likely to be more likely to be approved.

Apple also has a new “Financial Health” home page that gives some tips to potential Apple card applicants.

How to get approval for Apple Card tips

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