Houston Texans filed four more lawsuits against Watson in the QB country, bringing the total to

HOUSTON – Four more lawsuits have been filed against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, alleging similarly inappropriate behavior and sexual assault against the previous three.

This leads to a total of seven lawsuits filed against Watson by Houston attorney Tony Buzzby, who said on Instagram that there are nine total cases against Watson. Buzzby told ESPN via text message on Thursday that his office is in contact with police and will inform police about all nine women who intend to sue Watson.

Houston police declined to comment to ESPN on whether they are investigating the case. A spokesman for the Harris County District Attorney’s Office told ESPN on Thursday that no law enforcement agency has yet provided DA’s office with information about the allegations against Watson.

Buzzby will address the media in Houston on Friday afternoon, when he says he will provide some background on the seven lawsuits that have been filed and provide copies of multiple texts and messages relating to the suits.

After Buzzby announced the first lawsuit on Tuesday, Watson responded on Twitter by saying he had rejected a “baseless six-figure settlement demand” and that this was “about clarifying my name, and I’ll look forward to doing it.” At the time of his statement, Watson said he had not seen the first lawsuit.

“I have never treated any woman with much respect,” Watson said in a statement.

On Thursday, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said the league’s personal conduct policy was being reviewed, and the Texans said they would be in close contact with the NFL during the league’s investigation.

Seven lawsuits filed so far have featured sexual assault against a massage therapist. Six lawsuits allege that this was a one-time encounter with Watson, while one woman alleges that she was sexually assaulted by Watson on several occasions. The lawsuit states that the first massage was booked by a spa where a licensed anesthetist works. In six other lawsuits, Watson inquired about the massage via direct Instagram messages.

Three of the four lawsuits filed Thursday night charged him with improper contact; The fourth said he tried to forcefully kiss a woman.

The fourth lawsuit states that “Watson’s behavior is part of a disruptive pattern of victimization of vulnerable women.”

Texas on Thursday said it was aware of the matter.

“The NFLA informed us [Thursday] The team said it would investigate allegations made in the civil lawsuit filed against Deshaun Watson. “We will be in close touch with the league they have done.” We continue to take this and all matters involving anyone in the Houston Texans organization seriously. We are not expected to make any additional statements until the NFL investigation is completed. “