Houston Texans coach David Cooley reaffirms commitment to Deshen Watson – ‘He’s our quarterback’

HOUSTON – Speaking for the first time since his inaugural press conference, Houston Texans head coach David Cooley reiterated that the team is committed to quarterback Deshen Watson.

“We are very committed to Deshaun as our quarterback,” Kulli said. “He’s our quarterback. Right now he’s the only one we’ve got under contract.”

Watts requested the trade in less than six months after signing a four-year, 6 6,156 million contract extension, which passes in the 2025 season. Watson’s trade request came after the team was unhappy with the process of hiring general manager Nick Saffron in January.

Watson has a non-trade clause, but given the length of his contract and the possibility of franchising-tagging him for three years, Texans may choose not to trade with him and gain control of his rights in the 2028 season.

When asked if Textons is going to trade Watson, Cooley said, “Desan Watson is a Houston Texan. And we’re committed to that.”

“So far, there are no contingency plans,” Cooley said if Watson chooses to sit down instead of playing for Houston.

The new Texans head coach met with Watson on Zoom in mid-February, where the quarterback repeated, according to ESPN’s Dan Grazia, he doesn’t want to play for Houston again. Cooley declined to say what the two discussed, saying he wanted to keep it between him and Watson.

When asked if Watson is committed to the Texans in the same way Cooley says the team is committed to quarterbacks, Cooley said, “Yes it is.”

Referring to the commitment Texans made to Watson by signing an extension of the contract, Cooley said, “I think the same commitment will be made to us. [from Watson] Also. “