Hiring Nets’ Steve Nash was a ‘white privilege’

Stephen A. Smith, ESPN’s controversial talking head and hot tech artist, of course, had an opinion on the net recruitment of Hall of Fame point guard Steve Nash.

Smith didn’t like it because of Smith’s lack of experience, but because he felt it was an example of “white privilege” because more experienced black coaches like Tyrone Lew and Mark Jackson are available.

“This is a difficult situation I’ve ever had to take,” Smith said. Said on the air. “Ladies and gentlemen, there is no way around this. This is white convenience. This does not happen for a black man. “

Of course, that has happened to black men before. In fact, since 1978-79, nine of the 16 people who have become NBA coaches without any prior experience are black. Dick Fisher was picked by the Knicks without any head-coaching experience. So was Jason Kid, who is bi-ethnic.

Jay Williams also called his colleague.

Williams tweeted, “Walk on SA.” “Stick Nation is not chosen over Mark Jackson / Tie Lew. It is not a ‘white privilege’. 2 Superstar Black Athletes have finally decided and we know who they are and what they are about.”

It will be Kevin Durant and Kiri Irving. Durant formed a bond with Nash when he was a consultant with the Warriors and Durant was a player.