“He is a savage but I am a murderer” – Mickey Gall is not afraid of Mike Perry

Mickey Gall and Mike Perry will headline the UFC this Saturday on ESPN 12. The former has not competed since the UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler last August. He beat Salim Touhari by unanimous decision and will be eager to prove one point by doing two on the rebound. A victory will also force ‘Platinum’ to eat his words where he tagged Gall “A weak opponent to **” shortly after the welterweight clash it became official.

Mickey Gall says he’s a Mike Perry fan

In an interview with MMA Fighting, Gall spoke about his next opponent. Here he revealed that he likes to watch ‘Platinum saying: “I’m a low-key Mike Perry fan. The guy is funny, he’s exciting, violent. He is a savage. “

Mike Perry

Now Gall praised himself and tweaked his previous words in a troll about Mike Perry. He said, “But I am a murderer. I think he’s one of the dumbest fighters versus one of the smartest. “

He says it despite having a minor experience, which is a fact that he recognizes. Additionally, Gall promises to show even more moves to ensure victory. “I may be the one with the least experience, but I’m a smart kid and I’m athletic as hell. I have many killing moves that I am going to show. I think Perry is going to be a good victory for me. “

Now Gall highlights his strengths, which is undoubtedly his fight. In 8 professional fights, he has claimed 5/6 submission wins. On the other hand, ‘Platinum’ has never won a fight touching his opponent. However, he does possess a KO threat with 11/13 wins that way.

Mickey gall

“If we are seeing the biggest gap in each other’s skill set, it will probably be my problem. I think it’s head and shoulders above yours. But it is a fight. I’m going to be there, I’m going to break it and if the demolition comes, the demolition comes. It’s just going to be me. “

Despite having double-digit KO to his name, ‘Platinum’ has been unable to secure one since he beat Alex Reyes that way in 2017. He has lost 5 of his last 7 fights since then and will be desperate to change his career. around.

But his tweet won’t have helped, as Gall is even more determined and his comments show fans that he’s not afraid.

Mike Perry reveals brutal hand injuries ahead of UFC fight against Mickey Gall

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