Haskins has better arm talent than the QBs of the last 2 drafts

The Washington Redskins expect an improvement from Year 2 from quarterback Dwayne Haskins. Ron Rivera and company laid the majority of their eggs in Haskins’ basket after avoiding QB’s place at No. 2 overall to catch up with running back Chase Young in the April draft.

A big advocate for Haskins within the organization is Redskins Senior Vice President of Player Development Doug Williams, who praised the talent on the young quarterback’s arm.

“I don’t care who came out this year, last year, there is not a quarterback that has come out in the last two years that has the ability, from the standpoint of arm strength and arm talent, that Dwayne Haskins has “Williams said. The Fan said on 106.7, via NBC Washington.

First off, a list of highly redacted QBs coming out in the past two years: Kyler Murray, Daniel Jones, Drew Lock, Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, and Jordan Love, and even Jacob Eason has a great arm despite enter the fourth round in 2020.

It is a quality list to put on top with some good arms. It is also up to Redskins brass to see the positives in Haskins.

No one questions that Haskins has a right arm howitzer. His ability to throw the ball downfield and the buzz of the defenders are not questioned. Even in limited time last year, he made some wow releases.

The question is not whether Haskins has a cannon. We have seen big-armed QBs fail regularly. The question for Haskins and the Redskins is whether he can put the rest together (footwork, mental aspect, catch reduction, etc.) to become a top-tier starter.

Williams is well aware of the progress his young quarterback needs to make in order for the Redskins to compete in the NFC East in 2020.

“Dwayne can pitch with the best,” said Williams. “Now mentally, he has to control the other part, and I think he has aligned himself and realized that that is what he has to do, and I think that is what he is doing. I think at the end of the day, give him the opportunity to do what everyone is doing, and that is improving your game. “

Much of the Redskins’ success in 2020 will increase and decrease with the Haskins game. Washington expects to see that beautiful cannon drilling holes in the fenders much more regularly than the mortar it sprays aimlessly all over the yard.