Harvard will offer all classes online next school year

Harvard will offer all of its classes for the upcoming school year online, even when some students will be able to return to campus amid the coronavirus pandemic, the school said Monday.

The Harvard College of Arts and Sciences said Monday it plans to bring up to 40 percent of college students to campus, including all freshmen for the fall semester.

The university said in a statement that it is also allowing “those who should be on campus to progress academically” also return in the fall.

Harvard, however, will offer all the undergraduate and graduate course instruction in the next academic year online.

“Students will learn remotely, whether or not they live on campus,” the oldest university in the country said in a statement.

Harvard said its priority “at this time” is to bring seniors to campus.

Harvard was built for connection, not isolation. Without a vaccine or effective clinical treatments for the virus, we know that no option to reopen the campus is without risk, ”the school said in an updated post about the school’s reopening plan.

With that said, we have worked closely with leading epidemiologists and medical experts to define an approach that we believe will protect the health and safety of our community, while protecting our academic endeavor and providing students with the conditions they need to succeed academically. , “he added.

Almost all schools across the country closed campuses in the spring amid the coronavirus pandemic, and many universities and school districts switched to virtual classes.

Some schools have announced plans to bring students back to campus in the fall, with additional requirements to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus and, in many cases, expand online classes.