Harper’s COVID-19 outbreak reaches 76 cases

East LANSING, MI. (WILX) – At least 76 people connected to Harper’s Restaurant and Brew Pub tested positive for COVID-19. At least 52 of them are residents of Ingham County.

The Ingham County Health Department said of those 76, 73 were diagnosed after visiting the restaurant. The other two are believed to have contracted the virus from someone who was there.

Most people show mild symptoms and are not hospitalized. At least 10 are asymptomatic.

Harper closed Monday, shortly after two people tested positive for the coronavirus.

The bar opened on June 12 when the restaurants were reopened, but patrons filled the sidewalk waiting in line to enter.

Harper’s owners said in a statement that they are installing a new heating and cooling system and a line management app to help control crowds.

The Ingham County Health Department said that anyone who was in the bar between June 12-22 should be quarantined at their home for 14 days and tested for COVID-19.

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