Green Bay Packers fear LT David Bakhtari suffered a knee injury at the end of the season in practice, the source said.

Green Bay, Wiz. – The Green Bay Packers have lost a key member of their high-managed offense, the All-Pro left-hander David Bakhtari, who is believed to have suffered a knee injury in practice. On Thursday, a source told ESPN.

The NFL Network reports that the injury is potentially a torn ACL.

The Packers added Bakhtari to the injury report after Thursday’s practice. During the open part for reporters, there was no clear point. Coach Matt LaFleur spoke before practice and will now take questions from reporters on Friday.

The Packers (12–3), who lead the NFL by .61.6 points per game, will be the NFC’s number one seed if they win the regular-season final on Sunday at the Chicago Bears.

But now they have to do without their best non-skill position player on offense. They made Bakhtari the highest-paid fishing lineman in NFL history, just six weeks after he signed a four-year, વર્ષ 3,103.5 million contract extension in a record setting.

The 29-year-old, who was drafted in the fourth round in 2013, has been the first or second all-pro of each team in the last four years. He was named Pro Bowl Starter when the selection was announced last week.

When Bakhtari missed three games earlier this season due to a broken rib, the Packers were playing Billy Turner on the left. Turner, on both guard and facing, has been a regular starter on the right.

Most recently, Turner has started the last four games on the right guard, while Rick Wagner has started from the right. However, Wagner suffered a knee injury in Sunday’s win over the Tennessee Titans and was a limited participant in the deal.

Another option is to move Pro Bowl left defender Elgaton Jenkins to the left hand. ESPN According to statistics and information research, Jenkins has played right guard everywhere this season, playing 599 snaps on the left guard, 286 on the center, 31 on the right tackle and 26 on the left tackle.