Govt sues Melania Trump’s ex-best friend over ‘restless tell all’

The Justice Department on Tuesday filed a lawsuit against Stephanie Winston Volkov over all the books discussing First Lady Melania Trump, with whom she previously served as an assistant.

The lawsuit was filed in Washington, D.C. District Court, in which Melonia Trump’s former best friend – Volkoff – violated the nondisclosure agreement and did not provide the government with a copy of the draft for review.

The government claims that Wolkfe promised to maintain strict confidentiality on “non-republican, privileged and / or confidential information” in 2017, when she volunteered as First Lady’s adviser in 2017. The nondisclosure agreement is said to have no expiration date. .

Failing to submit a draft of his book for review, Justice Department attorneys claim that they have failed to obtain the necessary authorization to disclose the details contained in the book, a note that calls them “all condemnable.”

The government demands that the profits from a book like any movie and any related media be directed to a “creative trust”.

A Justice Department spokesman said in a statement that this was “an agreement with the United States and therefore can be enforced by the United States.”

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The book, “Melania and I: The Rise and Fall My F My Friendship with a First Lady,” is a # 1 bestseller on Amazon and the # 1 bestseller in the New York Times.

The book includes critical books about Melania Trump, including allegations that she renovated a White House bathroom to avoid using features like former First Lady Michelle Obama. It details alleged tensions with Ivanka Trump.

The book also mentions internal conversations between the president and Melania Trump on policies, such as lifting the ban on imports of big game trophies.

Volkoff left the White House in 2018.

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