Google Silently Updates Nest Hub Retail Box

After the unified brand “Google Nest” was announced in I / O 2019, the company quickly updated the product names and its website. It has taken considerably longer to update retail packaging, and the Nest Hub has only recently changed for most new buyers.

Last May, the “Google Home Hub” became the “Google Nest Hub”. A month after the announcement on stage, gray labels began to appear announcing the name change on the original boxes at retailers:

Help has a new name.

Google Home Hub is now Google Nest Hub.

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While Nest Hub was the first product to be upgraded, other devices including Cam Indoor, Hello, Protect, and Thermostat saw a whole new packaging throughout 2019. These boxes are all white and remove the old Nest logo for a Multicolored giant “G”

  Google Nest Hub brand

Nest Hub is now teaming up with other smart home products to get the new box design. Coinciding with the Nest Hub Max, which launched in September, it displays the angled 7-inch smart display with an established photo frame. Below the “G” in the upper left corner is just the product name.

There is a lot of variation when this Nest Hub box appeared. In international markets and for influencers, Google introduced packaging 12 months ago. However, the design recently appeared for most new buyers given the slowness with which inventory can move through retail channels.

Overall, it is a very clean and minimalist surface that lacks any other text or details. By making this long-awaited change, Google brings consistency to product shelves. It also removes the old “Home” brand for what could be said to be the company’s flagship product.

Google continues to sell the Home Max and, more surprisingly, the Home Mini. The latter has already been replaced, while the Home Max will likely be phased out when the new Nest speaker is released. “Google Home” today is reserved for the complementary application of Android and iOS responsible for the configuration and control of the devices.

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