Give M 1 Million Bitcoin: Rapper Megan The Stallion Launches Free BTC on Twitter

American rapper and hip hop artist Megan The Stallion is giving Cash app users 1 million bitcoins on Twitter. Thousands of people are participating and many claim that they have already received some support from you.

Megan The Stallion Giving Away Bitcoin

Megan The Stalin, also known as Hog Girl Mag, announced on Twitter on Thursday that she was giving b1 million in Bitcoin to cash app users. “The Hot Girl Coach is officially on the team at @ Cash PPP,” he wrote. “I can give જેટલી 1 million in bitcoin to as many hotties as I can to celebrate. Until then this will give a million units, so drop your cache pp page below # bitcoinmeg to get a piece. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also confirmed in a tweet that the bitcoin provided by Megan The Stallion was legal.

Give M 1 Million Bitcoin: Rapper Megan The Stallion Launches Free BTC on Twitter

At the time of writing, thousands of people have participated on Twitter. Hot Girl Mag’s tweet has been retweeted more than 18,000 times, liked more than 67,500 times, and received over 172,000 comments. A number of people have confirmed by providing screenshots of their cash application that they have actually received Bitcoin payments from Star.

Hot Girl Mag came up with another Bitcoin tweet:

Hottie Bitcoin is a really smart investment and grows over time [fire emoji] Make sure you keep dropping all your call application names so that the call can advance smart money.

According to screenshots posted by people who claimed to have received some suits from Megan The Stallion, the hip hop artist gave each recipient, 000, 43,000 suits and, 000,000 suits. Twitter handle @ 1nonlyrmonee posted a screenshot confirming receipt of 43,210 sats ($ 9.78) from Hot Girl Mag. “All of you I am very juicy. I just won the bitcoin giving part of Megan !! He thanked me so much, I am forever grateful.

Give M 1 Million Bitcoin: Rapper Megan The Stallion Launches Free BTC on Twitter

This is not the first time the “Girls in the Hood” singer has given money to her fans. In August Gust, he teamed up with fellow rapper and actress Cardi B to donate million 1 million to celebrate “WAP”. “We are partnering with Twitter and Cash App to celebrate by giving a total of $ 1 million to all the powerful women out there. . How can some help you or the woman you know right now? Megan The Stalin wrote at the time. The singer previously said “10,000 challenge yourself there.” Their true nature in showing that every 10,000 Tinder users were paid 10,000 10,000 to submit a profile.

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