‘General Hospital’ expects production restart in mid-July – Deadline

ABC General Hospital joins other daytime dramas The daring and the pretty and The Young and the Restless by setting a target date for return to production. ABC tentatively plans to resume the launch of its long-running soap in mid-July, depending on the smooth flow of CIVID-19 in Los Angeles.

CBS ‘ The daring and the pretty production restarted last week. He stopped after the first day about what the production company revealed as multiple false-positive results. Its testing protocols were adjusted, the laboratory used to process the tests was changed and the series has been re-recorded since Wednesday. The Young and the Restless points to a return to production on July 6. All shows follow strict COVID-19 safety guidelines.

I like it The daring and the pretty and The young and the restless, General Hospital It sold out the originals over a month ago and has run classic episodes again. The fourth daytime drama broadcast, NBC’s Days of our lives, has not disclosed plans to restart production, but has much more leeway with the stored originals that will last until September.

General Hospital It is both the longest running American soap opera currently in production and the oldest scripted television drama currently in production. The show has won the Emmy for Outstanding Daytime Drama a record 13 times.