G.O.P. Rip. Elected Burgess Owens: ‘No question’ that Trump won the election

  • Utah’s G.O.P. Congressman-elect Burgess Owens said he would support the challenge of Biden’s presidential victory if elected President on the House floor, arguing that there was no question that President Donald Trump had been elected for a second term.
  • In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune, Owens said his goal is to “make sure I do everything I can to take this to the legal end we have.”
  • Owens is a first-term Democratic rapper in the country’s closest congressional race. Ben defeated McCams.
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In an interview with The Salt Lake Tribune on Thursday, G.O.P. Congressman-elect Burgess Owens Utta said Thursday that he would support a bid to challenge President-elect Joe Biden on the House floor, arguing that President Donald Trump has no questions. Trump was elected for a second term.

Owens, a strong supporter of Trump and a keynote speaker at the 2020 Republican National Convention, said he believes Trump won 232 electoral votes and more than 7 million more votes than the president, despite winning 306 electoral college college votes in the election. .

“I have no question in my mind that I think he has won,” Owens said.

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His comments come as Congress prepares to certify the results of the Electoral College College on January 6, which includes several GOPs, including San Josh Haley Wali. MLAs will choose to challenge the election results.

Owens, a former NFL player, plays football with his days comparing Republican efforts.

“In 10 years in the NFL, I’ve played in a lot of losing games,” he said. “If you leave everything on the field and do everything you can and there’s nothing left, it’s a game won regardless of what the score might be.”

Owens said it was “the right thing to do” to run for election to the College College because “seventy-plus percent of people say this [election] According to the Tribune, it is not appropriate and their views deserve to be heard.

The congressional electorate claimed that in the final vote in Nevada, 5,000,000 votes were added incorrectly, an allegation that state officials flatly denied.

Owens also said that since winning in Pennsylvania, the state has “worked the Democratic Party” which is not “fair”, but he did not provide any concrete evidence of electoral malpractice in the 2020 presidential election.

He added, “My goal is basically just to make sure I can do all this to get us to every legal end we have.” “And once the official count is done, then we will respect being president.”

Since November, the Trump legal team has fought elections across the country, dismissing high-profile but largely unsuccessful legal claims to overturn election results.