French Mike destroys Jamal Adams after request for exchange of Jets

Mike French criticized Jamal Adams on Monday, saying the All-Pro safety who has publicly called for a trade is not a “great player” who makes “life miserable” for the Jets.

The WFAN host believes the team should have Adams, who has been frustrated by the lack of extension talks, to fulfill his rookie contract or see if they can make a big profit in an exchange.

“If I’m the Jets, I don’t give him a penny,” French said. “They were 16-32 with him. You can go 16-32 without it. “

Adams has repeatedly stated his desire to leave the Jets, writing on Instagram last Wednesday, “Maybe it’s time to move on,” and then Monday responding to a post by current teammate Marcus Maye with “I’m [gonna] miss balling with [you] the majority “.

He also told a fan that he was “trying” to get to Dallas.

But for that to happen, the Jets would have to give up two team-friendly years with $ 13.45 million remaining until 2021, so they would have to get a massive return.

“I’m telling you right now, if someone is dumb enough to give you a big deal for them, change it,” French said. “Because it will only make life miserable every day. All she has done is make life miserable. It will continue to make life miserable. He will never be happy. “

French pointed to the fact that Adams is already outspoken about playing for the Cowboys as a problem.

“Basically, you have a guy talking about other teams while he’s still a member of the Jets,” French said. “Why do you want such nonsense? That’s not the boy you want. You want a boy who is good. He is talented. I’m not saying [he doesn’t]. He is not a grt player because great players improve teams and he never improved the Jets … He has a chance to be a really good player, but you know what? What he has shown is that he wants to separate from a losing team. ‘I’m fine, the rest of the team is bad. So listen, I don’t want to have anything to do with them. And he’s already talking about being on other teams. Do you want a guy who’s already talking about being on other teams? He wants to play so much with the Dallas Cowboys, have the Dallas Cowboys help you. Put a good deal on the table. I would grab it so fast that your head would spin.