Four days after the quake, Turkish rescuers pulled the girl from the rubble

IZMIR, Turkey (AP) – Rescuers in the Turkish city of Izmir, despite hopes of reaching survivors, pulled a young woman alive from the rubble of a girl’s apartment building on Tuesday, four days after a strong earthquake shook the country. Greece.

Wrapped in a thermal blanket, the young woman immediately yelled and shouted “God is great!” No one was taken to the ambulance on a stretcher for the sound. From rescue workers and spectators.

Health media Fahretin Koka called her 3-year-old Aida Gazgin on Twitter and shared a video of her inside the ambulance. The child has been trapped inside the wreckage for 91 hours since Friday’s earthquake in the Aegean Sea and was the 107th person to be pulled out of buildings alive.

Defender Nusrat Aksoy told reporters he was walking through the rubble of an eight-story building when he was called to silence after hearing the child’s screams. He later placed the girl in a tight space next to the dishwasher.

Aksoy said, the young woman waved in front of him, said his name and said he was fine.

“I got gossip and my colleague Ahmed cried,” he said.

In Izmir, Turkey’s third-largest city, a collap girl and a 14-year-old girl were rescued a day after they were pulled alive from a collapsed building.

Meanwhile, the death toll in the quake reached 104 after emergency crews found more bodies elsewhere in the city.

U.S. The Geological Survey gave Friday’s quake a magnitude of 7.0, although other Turkish agencies noted it was less severe.

Most of the deaths and nearly 1,000 injuries occurred in Izmir. Two teenagers were also killed and 19 were injured on the Greek island of Samos, near the epicenter of the Aegean Sea earthquake.

Officials said 147 people who survived the quake are still hospitalized, and three of them are in critical condition.