Fortnite season 3 challenges and where to find Deadpool floats

Fortnite Deadpool

Deadpool still leaves his things on the island this season.

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Fortnite is back for its third season and with it, a whole new set of challenges. Nicknamed Splash Down, the popular game Battle Royale is taking combat to the water after the Doomsday Device event on June 18, where the storm took over and flooded the island. As in previous seasons, players can purchase a Battle Pass to unlock skins, emoticons, and other cosmetics for 950 V-Bucks, or approximately $ 9.50.

Unlock new cosmetics for Fortnite: Season 3 requires completing weekly challenges. As developer Epic Games did last season with dead Pool, there are additional tasks to unlock a special character: Aquaman. the Jason Momoa inspired The character will be unlockable sometime this season after completing all special challenges.

Week 2 challenges

Fortnite Week 2 challenges

The challenges of week 2.

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Find Deadpool floats on The Yacht (0/3)

In Season 2, Marvel’s Deadpool was the unlockable special mask. Although this time it’s not the star, “Merc with a Mouth” left some of its stuff behind. The floats are on the yacht, which has changed position this season. Check the map below to see your new location and run around the area to find Deadpool’s floats scattered on the ground.

Fortnite Yacht

The new place for The Yacht.

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Here are the rest of the week’s challenges:

  • Use different zip lines in The Authority (0/8)
  • Look for chests or ammo boxes in Holly Hedges (0/7)
  • Score a goal on the football field in Pleasant Park
  • Eliminations at Lazy Lake (0/3)
  • Henchmen on the head in The Fortilla (0/20)
  • Collect or consume forage items at The Orchard (0/5)

Aquaman challenges

Fortnite aquaman

Hunky Jason Momoa is yours if you complete the challenges.

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As with Deadpool in season 2Aquaman is a character skin available to players who have a Battle Pass and complete all special challenges. Wait for new tasks every week before the DC superhero unlocks.

Week 1 causes players to use a hot tub at the Fortilla location. The Fortilla is easy to find in the southwest part of the island, and the hot tub is easy to locate. Swim towards him and let him shoot you in midair. That’s it, you’re done this week.

For week 2, players will have to travel behind a loot shark in Sweaty Sands.

Fortnite Aquaman Challenge

Aquaman week 2 challenge.

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To get started, head to Sweaty Sands on the western side of the map. Once there, look for a fishing rod. Equip it and look for sharks in the water. Do not jump into the water, as they can kill you. Throw your fishing line close to one, and it will bite the line. Once it does, it will take off and you will have to control it like a boat. After taking a walk, you’re done.

Fortnite is available for PC, PS4, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.