Former Patriot Asante Samuel Throws Hot Shot On Impact On Bill Belichick

Asante Samuel helped the Patriots win two Super Bowls during his five-year tenure in New England.

It also influenced the training style of the best coach in NFL history.

That is what Samuel claims, anyway. In a tweet Tuesday morning, the former Patriots cornerback said he “made (Bill) Belichick better understand the cornerback’s position” and insisted that Belichick teach some of his current players some of the methods Samuel used despite initially rejecting them.

Samuel did not provide any details, but as Evan Lazar of CLNS Media points out, the Pro Bowl cornerman used a “T-step” technique in which he planted his foot laterally to more quickly break the ball.

The T-step is an aggressive technique that catchers can expose with double strokes, but it allowed Samuel to rack up 22 interceptions in New England, so perhaps the former cornerback says Belichick now teaches his players this technique after being suspicious. her. .

That’s not out of reach, as Belichick has shown his willingness to adapt to new NFL trends during his more than 45 years in the league.

Samuel and Belichick did not have the best relationship: The former cornerback made it clear what his position is in the debate between Belichick and Tom Brady, but apparently the two were not above some friendly jokes.

If only Belichick had a Twitter account to offer his version of Samuel’s latest stories.