Former Ohio state pledge Devonta Smith commits to Alabama

One of the former Buckeyes commissioners in the 2021 class has quickly found a new home.

Devonta Smith, a three-star cornerback from Cincinnati La Salle High School who retired from the state of Ohio on Thursday, announced on Instagram and Twitter that he had become engaged to Alabama.

Smith’s pledge gives Crimson Tide nine players in his 2021 class, raising him from 178.31 points total to 190.78 points, and Nick Saban’s show has now jumped from No. 25 in the class to No. 19. Average rating of Alabama players, however, has dropped from 94.35 to 93.70.

Smith is the second player this month that looked like he would end the Buckeyes, but is now heading to Alabama, after five-star offensive tackle JC Latham’s engagement with Tide on June 12.

Smith, who is ranked 400th overall, No. 30 on the cornerback and No. 12 in the Ohio 2021 class, became engaged to the Buckeyes on March 16 as part of his red-hot career for a period of six weeks this spring. In addition to bettor Jesse Mirco, who does not yet have a recruiting rating, Smith was the Buckeyes’ lowest-ranking recruit in his class, and his release actually increased his average player rating in the class from 95.30 to 95.71. He earned and subsequently lost his fourth star in a two-week span in May, but he is expected to get a rating boost in four-star territory in the near future.

The recruitment of defensive star de La Salle to the state of Ohio met fairly quickly, having been disappointed not to receive an offer from the Buckeyes in late February.

Things quickly changed, though, as Kerry Coombs called with an offer on March 12, and an emotional Smith got engaged to Coombs and the Buckeyes less than 48 hours later.

“I was talking to my mother about it the day I received the offer, and I was saying, ‘Mom, this is the opportunity. This is what I have been waiting for. This is what I have been waiting for. Ohio State might not be the school of my dreams, but I’ve dreamed of times like this, ‘”said Smith Eleven warriors previously. “It was a blessing, and obviously having that opportunity to play for Ohio State and being developed by one of the best defensive coaches is too much to pass up.” Also, going to one of the most prestigious universities, just academically, it’s amazing what the kids are doing there, so it’s great. ”

However, once the state of Ohio accepted commitments from Andre Turrentine and Jantzen Dunn to give the Buckeyes four defensive endorsements in the class (Jakailin Johnson, Turrentine, and Dunn), information emerged that Smith was considering retiring due to the concerns of the deep defense room. . Once Denzel Burke got engaged in May, the probability of a release increased, and the state of Ohio made no attempt to fight to keep him in class.

As Smith said in the statement above, despite being a prospect within the state, his dream school was not necessarily the state of Ohio. Speaking to us about his Alabama offer in February, Smith said: “It was very shocking because it was a dream school of mine. In fact, I spoke to Nick Saban, which was very mind blowing and something I am grateful for. ”

Smith’s best friend and teammate de La Salle, Ohio State Safety Commander / Linebacker Jaylen Johnson, had been hoping to rejoin Smith in college, as had Smith. But Johnson told Eleven Warriors that, of course, he is still supporting Smith in the future.

“I have (known) about his decision,” Johnson said. “I just hope he does his best.”