For food and wine lover Gerrit Cole, a meal is all about the game plan: The Athletic

A decade ago, in the days following his signing with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Gerrit Cole devised a plan. His bonus was $ 8 million, a considerable reward for being recruited No. 1. He wanted to thank the two most responsible people: his parents.

Mark and Sharon Cole were loving, caring and patient. They taught their son to embrace life, to be curious and thoughtful and to enjoy precious moments. Mark had taught her son to throw a baseball under the clear skies of Orange County. Sharon taught him the importance of a classic Italian red sauce. They supported him emotionally (and financially) for three years at UCLA.

So first Cole decided to buy his mother a red convertible BMW. The gift was a surprise; It was also the obvious one. Her mother had wanted a red convertible for years. Her father, an executive in the medical field with a doctorate. and an analytical streak, would never go for an active depreciation.

The second gift had to be something he would bring …