Florida Public Pharmacies will begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine

Nice, fla. – In light of the positive reviews of the program, government Ron Descent announced that more Florida public pharmacies will soon begin administering the COVID-19 vaccine to residents aged 65 and over.

The governor made the announcement outside a grocery store in Nisville on Tuesday morning. He said seven public stores in Okalosa County, five in Santa Rosa County and six registrations in Escambia County will open Wednesday.

Hours later, Descentis visited other publics on Panama City Beach to let people know that three stores in Walton County and five stores in County Two will also begin registration Wednesday.

Shots will begin Thursday and the goal is to inoculate 100 to 125 seniors per day at each location.

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“I can tell you, I visited many of their stores in Hernando County over the weekend, talked to all the seniors, gave them 100% high marks, it was easy to get online. They had a great system for getting people in and people were happy with it. So what is going to happen here, people will be happy with the way this is done, ”Decentes said.

He insisted that public places are only open to older Florida residents and would rotate anyone without an appointment.

“I mean, I know we have other states that are close here. You guys follow what your state does here, this will happen to people living in Florida, so we really wanted that for the residents of Escambia, Santa Rosa and Ocala, ”Disantis said Tuesday morning.

A full list of public places offering shots is available here.

Last week, Descentis announced that public places in Marion, Citrus and Hernando counties would begin senior inoculating.

Residents said that when the appointment is opened in Marion County, it was filled in a few minutes, but those who were able to pull the slot said the process is unified.

“It was wonderful. Make an appointment, show it, it’s done, “Dave Barach said after taking his dose.

Disantis said he appreciates every work done by Problex and believes that having shots available at stores will help provide access to seniors who cannot go to other vaccination sites.

“I think this will make a big difference and at the end of the day, almost everyone is comfortable coming to the supermarket. Not everyone wants to go to the hospital, everyone can go all over the city to get to the big drive-through test site. And so, you know, older people, we need to do what we have to do to get it in their communities. And I want to thank the public that they are ready to move forward, they are ready from day one. ‘

State records show that more than 342,000 seniors have received at least their first dose so far.

People who want to get inoculation in public can click here for more information.

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