Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hosts the Backyard MAGA Fest that could be the next coronavirus fiasco.

On Saturday, Gov. Ron Descentis and Florida Republican leaders turned the back yard of the governor’s mansion into an epidemic, turning the G.O.P. Turned into Glotfest.

Some of the party’s top players who have overseen coronavirus chaos in Sunshine State have about 50 G.O.P. Grassroots tweeted photos and a video of Dentists addressing the crowd of organizers. Almost no one was seen wearing a mask, including De Santinis, who attended Donald Trump’s bizarre vaccine summit in DC on Tuesday.

One of the images, Tweeted By Christian Ziegler, vice-chairman of the Florida Republican Party, an odorless dysentery is shown later, which confronts its guests, most of whom are elderly, especially at increased risk of death from COVID-19. Ziegler brags: “Florida is in great hands and works like hell in this photo to run it to crush whatever is going on in front of it.”

G.O.P. Officer Retweeted Same photo the next day. This time, he identified another credible target for Republicans and dissidents: “Socialists in Florida will be happy to work for them and crush them.”

Chairman of the Florida GOP, State Sen. J Grutters tweeted a photo of the mob from a different angle in which he clashed with the governor. Grutter Wrote: “Thank you Governor @ Govardensitis for your love of freedom and liberty and for all your help in making this cycle a record success in Florida.”

Grutters also tweeted a two-minute clip of Descentis, politely suggesting that he supported the current commander-in-chief’s false statement that Biden won the presidency simply because of massive electoral fraud.

“In Florida, people can be confident [election] “It was done from the top of the board and was done exactly.” “Then dump the vote and we don’t wait three weeks to change the winner and all the things you’re looking at.”

The footsteps of Grutter, Ziegler and G.O.P. cheered his governor. But Mega put the conspiracy aside, a strong bid to cope with the new Biden administration in coronavirus-suspicious states like Florida. Allows large gatherings. Of people.