Five bold predictions for the Miami Dolphins in Week 16

The Miami Dolphins have just two games left in their regular season, and when you think you might have seen everything for this Dolphins team, they run for 250 yards as a team in Week 15 against England v New England Patriots. , Threatening their way at 22 seconds half point as a 22 – 12 victory over the Patriots. The Las Vegas Raiders are hosting the Dolphins in their brand new stadium so what will happen in Week 16? The Dolphins are playing for playoff positioning, while the Raiders ’play hopes are on life support and the loss on Saturday night will formally leave the Raiders a potential drop off from the playoff field.

With so much on the line, what crazy can we see? Here are our five bold predictions for the Dolphins in Week 16?

The AFC playoff field keeps the heat on Miami

Sure the Dolphins can use the help of some of their AFC contemporaries as they make their way to the playoffs. The Browns keep winning. So do Ravens. The Colts are the second team to keep up the pressure, although they face the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend. Don’t expect any surprise help for the Dolphins’ play hopes this week. If Miami wants a post-season berth, they have to take it to this point. Which includes wins in each of the next two weeks.