First No More Heroes 3 game obscured by Suda51’s head

Grasshopper Manufacturing CEO Goichi Suda, better known as Suda51, is famous for his flamboyant sense of humor. His latest joke to fans came in the introduction of this morning’s New Game + Expo broadcast, during which we got to see the next Grasshopper game for the first time, No more heroes 3. The capture? Suda’s head was on the road the entire time.

Suda opened the New Game + Expo broadcast expressing his enthusiasm for the games to be displayed, and in doing so, the previously simple background suddenly began to show images of the game. While it didn’t mention what was playing in the background, the interface and mechanics made it clear that we were watching No more heroes 3.

Suda spoke about the stack of Switch games he planned to complete while he was quarantined, and then passed the show on to the rest of the presenters. No further mention was made of Grasshopper, Suda or the next game.

No more heroes 3 it will be the long-awaited continuation of Grasshopper’s violent and chaotic flagship franchise. The second installment came out in 2010, and the players only had one spin-off, 2019 Travis strikes again, to save them. That game included a teaser for No more heroes 3, which was then officially announced at E3 2019, but since then the developers have been in awe of the project.

This first “revelation” of No more heroes 3 the game is classic Suda51. The eccentric developer is known for subverting expectations, and that attitude hasn’t changed, even when he moved into bigger roles at Grasshopper Manufacture. There is no doubt that we will finally see the next No More Heroes I play in all its glory without a guy’s face on the road. But for now, we are all at the mercy of Suda’s unorthodox sense of humor.