Favorite Brian Dichembiu to win the Masters over 8-1 odds

Bryson de Chembue is the consensus favorite to win the Masters and attracts the most money from sports bookmakers across the country.

At 8-1 in the Caesar Sportsbook by William Hill, Dechambu is at the top of the Masters hurdles. Dustin Johnson is next 17-2 and is the only other golfer to have single-digit hurdles. John Reham is 10-1, followed by Justin Thomas and Rory McLeroy, each 12-1.

Multiple sportsbooks cost more money on dichembu than betting on any other golfer. By Tuesday at the Draftkings, De Chembue had been fined more than twice as much as any other golfer. In September, the U.S. Breaking with his first major championship at the Open, De Chembue attracted more bats and more money than any other golfer in the field at the Superbook in Westgate Las Vegas.

Defending champion Tiger Woods saw plenty of support in the betting window despite long setbacks in the 35-1 range. Sportsbook operator Parter BatMG noted a -1 5,000 bet on Woods at week 1-1 to win this week at Gusta National. This bet will earn 200 200,000.

As of Tuesday, Phil Mickelson had the biggest responsibility for the superbook, said Jeff Sharma, vice president of risk and golf disorder expert. Mickelson is 200-1 in the Superbook.

“Whenever Mickelson is big he has all three digits, he sees support,” Sherman said.

The masters were moved from its usual April date to November due to a coronavirus epidemic. Preliminary round tees on Thursday at the August Gusta National in Augusta Gusta, Georgia.

The tournament will be against the NFL and college league football for the first time. Draftkings surveyed 1,000 people who were identified as fans of both football and golf. Survey responses indicate that 53% of NFL fans The preference is to see the opposite masters.

The Draftkings are betting on a cross-sport proposal, which will be more: De Chembu’s longest drive on the passing yards of the Masters or any NFL quarterback. Dichembe is an A-400 favorite on NFL quarterbacks.