Fallout 76’s 2021 Road Dump shows more storytelling content this summer

The illustration for the article titled Roadmap 2021 of Fallout 76 shows more story material this summer.

Image: Bethesda

Fall 76 Need some new stuff, And based on today’s roadmap, players will have to wait until summer to get it.

While welcoming new gameplay features and continuous improvement in quality of life Planned during the rest of the year, new story quests have not come Fall 76 As early as July, Depending on the game Newly announced 2021 roadmap. Loose review of what’s coming next

  • Spring: Special Loadouts, Camp Slots, Butterflies, Daily Ops Expansion, Crafting Sliders, Target-Assistance on Console.
  • Summer: Steel Reign Quest, Extended Legendary Crafting, Unlimited Seasonal Rank.
  • To fall: Changes to private servers, daily ssp extensions.
  • Winter: More Four Star Legendary Gear, a New seasonal events about the cult, alien-based public events, campsite pets.


Image: Bethesda

It’s been almost a year since Bethesda’s profile Fall 76New seasonal model and Battle Pass Rewards system. W.Since then the game has gained some new content, revolving around it a lot not-So-fUn daily and weekly grinds. Summer conclusion of no The steel story fraternity with the steel regime will eventually come to an end Fall 76The first piece of significant new content in the months outside of seasonal updates.

aAs much as I enjoyed the mini-campaign. ‘O In the first part, it’s really the pet I look forward to the most. While Fall 76 There is currently a system for Defeats and captures creatures in the forests, It ‘A boring and full-bodied system that many people have never bothered to understand.

But winter is still a long way off. Bethesda says he will There is more information to reveal about the rest of his plans Fall 76 In the AMA on Reddit this year March 23 (tomorrow) at 11:30 a.m. E.D.T.