It is official time that Freddy vs. Jason manifests himself. Today, it has been confirmed that ex Friday on Elm Street Collaborators Fabolous and Jadakiss have agreed to meet in an upcoming battle for Verzuz. Swizz Beatz broke the news on Instagram, confirming that the incline will be reduced next Monday at 8 pm

Jadakiss Fabolous

Dimitrios Kambouris / / Staff Images / Getty

While Fab and Jada previously took on the roles of Freddy and Jason to wreak havoc on the masses, it should be interesting to see the legendary lyricists engage in an energetic hit-by-hit attack. Of course, Verzuz has always been a celebration in the first place, although let’s be honest: it doesn’t take much for a rapper’s competitive spirit to work, so you know there will be pride in this line.

When it comes to the showdown, it’s really difficult to assess where this could go. Both men are amazing with the punches, with countless hard bars and mixed deep cuts in their arsenals. Both have solid solo discographies in front of the studio, from their debut albums. Kiss Tha Game Goodbye and Ghetto fabolous, to your most recent efforts Ignacio and Summer shooting 3. It should be interesting to see if they design their sets for the streets or mainstream, though it wouldn’t be surprising to see both sides equally represented. After all, this will be a Verzuz to remember, so tune in on Monday 29 to see Fab and Jada in action.