Exercise from home with your children and the correct way to do squats


welcome to Good sports! More than 60 days have passed since the world of sports went into recess. While some things are coming back, hello, UFC and NASCAR, the vast majority of us are still subject to some kind of order to stay home. And that means we are all still Working from home. Some tips, tricks and fun from the #WOFH experts:

  • SQUATS ARE FOR EVERYONE: But … you don’t know how to do it until you learn these tips.
  • INCLUDE YOUR CHILDREN: Exercising at home can be difficult if you are a parent of young children. Here are ways to make training time like playtime so your kids can join in, too.
  • ANOTHER OBSTACLE: How the reigning wheelchair champion of the Boston Marathon created an international Zoom event.
  • WHAT THE BEST IN THE WORLD ARE DOING: Martins Licis, the strongest man in the world, is in the same boat as the rest of us. This is how you are managing social distancing.

And here are the rest of the featured stories you need to see:

  • ‘THE LAST DANCE’: How a fight in practice really helped strengthen the bond between Michael Jordan and Bulls teammate Steve Kerr. Episodes 7 and 8 also delved into why MJ invented slights for motivation, as well as Scottie Pippen’s most infamous moment.
  • GOOD IDEA: The Miami Dolphins’ plan to hold games that take social distancing into account is practical and refreshing, writes Dan Wolken.
  • GOD HAD A HAND ON ME ‘: Tennessee state runner Jordan Bell lost part of his leg in a motorcycle accident that could have been even more devastating.
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY WILLIE MAYS! Willie Mays, in our estimation the best living player in the MLB, turned 89 this week.
  • MAN O ‘MYSTERY OF WAR: Why didn’t one of the most famous horses in history compete in the 1920 Kentucky Derby?
  • PROJECT 11: Washington Redskins’ QB, Alex Smith’s wife, shares an inspiring birthday video of him exercising after a horrible leg injury
  • LET’S PLAY THE BALL: The Korean baseball league begins to play in empty stadiums.
  • “SOMETHING ABOUT KOBE”: Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant shared a special bond.
  • NFL SCHEDULE RELEASED: The full 256-game roster for the 2020 NFL season was released on Thursday night. There are many intriguing confrontations, although not all will be satisfied.
  • RIP DON SHULA: Don Shula, a two-time Super Bowl champion who won more games than any other coach in NFL history, died Monday morning, the Miami Dolphins announced. He was 90 years old. “Don Shula was the patriarch of the Miami Dolphins for 50 years,” the team said in a statement. “He brought the winning edge to our franchise and put the Dolphins and the city of Miami on the national sports scene.”
  • ‘AN UNEXPECTED PATERNITY SHEET’: How the IndyCar driver has been kept busy during the season break.
  • ROOKIE AND DAREDEVIL: Cowboys rookie Bradlee Anae is a self-described adrenaline junkie who channels his “reckless” spirit with cliff jumps.
  • LEBRON JAMES THE ACTIVIST: LeBron James, outraged at the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery, never hesitates to speak out against injustice and racism, in stark contrast to Michael Jordan, writes Nancy Armor.

The videos that moved and inspired us, from our friends on SportsKind:

  • Olympic swimmer Sharon van Rouwendaal is training in a children’s pool.
  • Adjusting to his college senior night challenges the odds of this former star recruit.

The rest of the striking stories of the week that was:

  • Michael Jordan’s father built a UNC Roy Williams wood stove during recruitment.
  • Tua has a new jersey number.
  • Kevin Love offers mental health tips to deal with these times.
  • A Joe Jackson “no shoes” card sold for a lot of money.
  • Sir Charles doubts that his breakup with former “brother” Michael Jordan will end.
  • The current NBA MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo, hacked the Twitter account.
  • The “Monday Night Football” booth is being renovated.
  • Vanessa Bryant discovers a letter from Kobe, opens it on her birthday.
  • The Arizona State kicker and his father pass out protective masks to the homeless.
  • Andy Dalton says “I think I’m a starter” after signing with the Cowboys
  • Bryce Harper recalls his emotions after receiving Lowball’s offer from National
  • Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre denies taking $ 1.1 million for speaking at conferences he did not attend
  • Former Kentucky soccer player on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic as a nurse.
  • The Bengals rookie doesn’t have typical post-soccer plans.


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