Ex-49er Mike Person retires – ProFootballTalk

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Mike Person, a free agent guard who started for the 49ers in the past two seasons, has announced his retirement.

The 31-year-old, who was released by the 49ers in April, said the aches and pains caused by the injuries and the desire to spend more time with the family were behind the decision.

“I feel like the time is right now,” Person told 406MTSports.com in his native Montana. “Obviously I wish it had ended differently, especially last season. You take a beating, and anyone who has played knows it. At some point you just have to tell yourself that now is the right time. My children are getting older and I will most likely spend the entire season away from them if I had to sign with someone. I’ve already missed too much.

The person said he had multiple offers from other teams, but felt that San Francisco was the correct last stop on his soccer trip.

“It was in the back of my mind. Once this contract was fulfilled, I knew I would retire, “he said. “It’s one of those things where 75 percent of you want to end that, but there is that 25 percent who know they can still do it and still play.”

The person played well enough last year that there is little doubt that he could still have played, but decided that now was the right time to walk away.