Everything we know about Katy Perry’s fifth album

Katy Perry could give birth to her first baby with fiancé Orlando Bloom before or after her fifth studio album, but either way, the pop star has been preparing her KatyCats for both of them this summer.

The singles “KP5” continue to appear on streaming services and their paunch has continued to grow since it premiered in the “Never Worn White” music video in early March. So let’s retrace her steps before the pop star releases a baby and an album.

Check out everything we know about Perry’s fifth studio album so far below.

Release date

KP5 comes out on August 14 through Capitol Records.

The singles

Although it was not the lead single, “Never Worn White” came out first of this group of KP5 singles, a wedding-inspired ballad about how to secure a lifelong love affair with Bloom.

Perry then released “Margaritas” in mid-May, but the radiant sunbeam originated in his darkest times. “I wrote this song like it was another hymn to me. I came out of a pretty dark time in [2017’s] Witness and I’ve been writing a record for two years, “he told Zane Lowe of Apple Music on the release date.” I wrote something while I was clinically depressed and trying to find the light at the end of the tunnel. And when I write songs like ‘Firework’ or ‘Roar’, it’s not because I feel like it. It’s literally because I’m having really dark thoughts and trying to get out of it. “

During a remote interview with Connecticut radio station KC1010 in late June, Perry joked with another single titled “Teary Eyes” and how it relates to his goal of launching a project during the coronavirus pandemic. “There was a conversation about not releasing it this year. I thought, ‘We need some songs to dance through our tears,'” she said. “I mean, there’s a song on the record called ‘Teary Eyes’, and it’s really just about dancing through your tears. And I’m like,’ Wow, that really resonates. That slaps me, that hits me hard on this moment. ‘So I’m excited about that. I’m excited about everything. “

During her Amazon Live mini concert and question-and-answer session, the singer-songwriter said that each song in her next project exemplified “resilience, redemption, joy and empowerment” and served as a type of therapy complementary to her actual therapy for treat clinical depression.

The videos (and the pregnancy announcement!)

Their early March music video “Never Worn White” gave the KatyCats their first glimpse of their belly, clarifying what they meant by a “packed summer.” But Perry told SiriusXM Hits 1 the real kick about her pregnancy announcement coming in this specific clip. “Honestly, I was getting too fat to hide it, so I thought, ‘Well, I think this song would be a great reveal! Let’s start there,'” joked with host Mike Piff. “And this is how I communicate things: I communicate through music.”

When the 35-year-old pop star gave the powerful “Daisies” to tune in to the music video’s treatment in mid-May, she exposed her gentle side as she toyed in a field of daisies and even stroked her small lump in a naked shot. by a waterfall

She later transformed into a faceless animated woman for the lyric video “Daisies” released in late May by the Vallee Duhamel studios. Perry turned the sticks and stones thrown at her by her enemies into a pink house on a grassy knoll before defying gravity.

The merch

Perry joined the wave of artists selling branded face masks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic by personalizing his personal protective equipment (PPE) with the imprint of the signature “Daisies” and the song title. Facial mask proceeds benefited DirectRelief.

Just in time for Mother’s Day this year, the “Daisies” singer opened a digital florist called Katy’s Daisies that offers 12 free multi-color bouquet options.

The characteristics

Perry kept his lips sealed as to which artists might appear on KP5, but shut down rumors that Taylor Swift’s name would appear on the song list. “No, it’s not correct. But the fans are definitely excited for something like this to happen in the future and I’m always open,” he said in an interview with Hits Radio Breakfast.