Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski pleads with nation to ‘choose more right’ in fight against racism

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Legendary Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski called passionately for more support in the fight against racial injustice in a video posted on Friday by the official Twitter account of the Duke basketball program. The nearly three minute video begins with Krzyzewski clearly stating “Black Lives Matter”.

“We should say it every day,” said Krzyzewski. “It is not political. This is not a political declaration. It is a declaration of human rights. It is a declaration of justice.”

Krzyzewski, 73, said in the video that he has spent time in recent months listening and thinking that civil unrest has swept the nation after George Floyd’s murder by police in Minneapolis.

“Do we not see the problem, the disease, the plague that has been with our country for four centuries?” Krzyzewski said. “Don’t we see systemic racism and social injustice? Come on. We all see it. It manifests itself in many ways. Criminal justice, the murders we have seen and those we have not seen. Denial of economic opportunities for our black community. Educational opportunities . Medical care. It manifests itself in many ways and has been there for four centuries. ”

Krzyzewski concluded by listening to a cadet prayer reminiscent of his time as a student athlete in the Army. He implored those who recited it to “choose the most difficult good over the easier evil.”

“We as a country have chosen the easiest mistake for four centuries,” said Krzyzewski. “It is time to choose the most difficult right. It is time to end systemic racism and social injustice. It is time. Black lives matter.”

The video, which was retweeted more than 1,000 times during the first hour of publication, had a mostly positive reception. Even former North Carolina star Brendan Haywood endorsed Kryzewski’s message.