Dr. Kelaita details the recent active period of COVID-19

San Andreas, CA – Skull Supervisors heard an update on the number of coronavirus cases during a report by Public Health Officer Dr. Dean Kelaita.

At today’s meeting, he noted that there are now 28 confirmed cases, half have recovered and the others are still in quarantine. The most recent cases have been Valley Springs residents. There have been nine positive tests in the last two-week period, which equates to a 30 percent increase in coronavirus cases. About 2 percent of the tests that are administered locally return positive. Dr. Kelaita noted that it is lower than some of the state’s hot spots, which show that about 8 percent return positive.

He added that there have been 5,515 COVID-19 deaths in California, and none locally.

Dr. Kelaita also detailed Governor Gavin Newsom’s new directive on facial coatings and stated that it is important to follow the rules to limit local spread and keep businesses running.

In light of reports from various health officials across the country who left their positions due to threats and verbal abuse, Chief Supervisor Merita Callaway asked Dr. Kelaita how he was maintaining himself.

He noted that he has served the community for 20 years, and his job, and that of other public health officials, is to provide scientific guidance and medical expertise, to help lead the community through this pandemic.

Dr. Kelaita added: “Except for any other threat to my personal safety or other abuse, which I have suffered at the hands of this community, a very small and vocal minority of this community, I will continue here to serve the public.”

Recognizing the challenging role, Callaway stated that he considers him the “Incident Commander” of the county’s local COVID-19 response, adding that “there can only be one.”