Dr. DisRespect was kicked out of Twitch for unknown reasons


Dr DisRespect

Dr. DisRespect / YouTube

Twitch broadcaster Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, known as Dr. DisRespect, has been removed from the game streaming platform, Twitch said Friday. The ban is reportedly permanent, according to CNET Gamespot’s sister site, but the reason for the suspension is still unknown.

“As is our process, we take appropriate action when we have evidence that a transmitter has acted in violation of our community guidelines or terms of service,” says the official Twitch statement. “This applies to all streamers, regardless of status or importance in the community.”

A streamer, Shannon Plante, said she knows the reason it has been banned, and “not just from Twitch,” claiming it is “serious.” Your tweet has been removed.

Twitch declined to comment on the length of the ban. Dr. DisRespect could not be reached, and has disabled the Twitter DMs. Nothing comes up when you search for your Twitch account.

Dr. DisRespect was previously Banned on Twitch for two weeks a year ago by live stream from E3 restrooms. While broadcasting live to tens of thousands of spectators at the gaming convention, she entered numerous public restrooms without the consent of those inside, including a minor. The privacy violation took him out of E3 and he was kicked out of Twitch for two weeks.

Earlier this week, Twitch also said it would begin issuing permanent bans following a wave of sexual abuse allegations against popular Twitch streamers over the weekend. Twitch removed accounts from streamers, including IamSp00n, BlessRNG, and DreadedCone.