Don Trump Jr. leads a conservative attack on Jimmy Kimmel, who apologizes for Blackface’s 90s play


Jimmy Kimmel apologized Tuesday for his imitation of the black face in the 1990s by former NBA player Karl Malone, who has fueled a conservative attack on the liberal comedian, led by Donald Trump Jr.


Kimmel has yet to address his use of the N-word multiple times in a 1996 Christmas album, in which he imitates rapper Snoop Dogg, and was discovered in a Fox News report.

In the apology, Kimmel said he has been “a long time reluctant to tackle this as he knew that doing so would be celebrated as a victory by those who equate apology with weakness and encourage leaders who use prejudice to divide us,” before to add, “I apologize to those who were really hurt or offended by the makeup I wore or the words I said.”

The comedian also said he would take the next two months off and return to work in September.

ABC which houses Jimmy Kimmel Live!, has yet to address the story, though last week the network announced Kimmel as the host for their September Emmy Awards.

Conservatives criticize liberals for not criticizing Kimmel: “Do you know why he will keep his job? Because he’s a Democrat, ”Connecticut Republican State Senate candidate JT Lewis tweeted.

Critical boss

“People are not” feigning outrage, “fraudulent fraud @jimmykimmel,” Donald Trump Jr. tweeted Tuesday afternoon. “We are pointing to the utter hypocrisy of you and your pound friends who are always trying to cancel YOUR political enemies, but refuse to maintain the same standards of awakening.”

Crucial quote

“I never considered that this could be seen as more than an imitation of a human being, one that had nothing more to do with [Malone’s] skin color than his bulging muscles and bald head, “Kimmel said in the statement.

Key background

Kimmel has been an open liberal voice. After voicing strong liberal stances on gun control and health care in 2017, he said he was willing to lose Republican viewers offended by his views, according to the Washington Post. He has been outspoken against Trump throughout his presidency, and recently criticized his response to the movement around the death of George Floyd, pleading with Americans to remove him from office.

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