Dodgers: Ross Stripling Looking To Play Against The Astros

Dodgers fans cheered up a bit more with the news that their team may have a shot at redemption starting in 2017. With the new MLB schedule, Los Angeles will likely face off against the Astros multiple times.

Yesterday we asked Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling on our podcast, and Ross is excited to see them there. Not surprisingly, he is not the only player ready to take on Houston.

You know, we’ve always said in the locker room that we’ll take care of that on the field. So it’s great, it looks like we’ll have a chance to play them on the field. What sucks is that we don’t give Dodger fans a chance to fill Dodger Stadium with 50,000 people and make them know it. That’s where it won’t be so much fun due to the amount of support we would have behind Dodgers Nation.

The fact that the Astros aren’t welcome to Los Angeles with 50,000 booing fans is a bit of a pain, but we’re still going to get some wins. The Dodgers could face the Asterisks only two or three times during the year, but they are up for the challenge.

I’ll tell you what, it will be fun to go out there and compete against them. We have a chance for revenge and we will handle it on the field.

I’m not 100 percent sure what caring for you in the field means, but we let you interpret it. Either some Astros will carry some fastballs to the rib cage, or the Dodgers just want to beat them to make their point. Either way, count on me.

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