Disney is wrong in Gina Carano’s ‘Mandlorian’ firing

WAS SHINGTON – Texas G.O.P. Sen. In a tweet on Thursday after Ted Cruz fired actress Gina Carano by the company over controversial social media posts, Disney accused the culture of bending over.

The former MMA fighter was slammed from the “Star Wars” spin-off show “The Mandal Ndolorian” when he wrote a social media post comparing him to being “Jewish” in Nazi Germany.

“Texan Gina Carano broke down barriers in the Star Wars universe: not a princess, not a victim, not emotionally tormenting some JDs,” Cruz wrote.

“She played a woman who kicked ass and the girls who watched. She was instrumental in making Star Wars entertaining again. Of course Disney canceled it,” he continued.

Sen.  Ted Cruz slammed Disney's decision to fire Gina Carano (inset) from 'The Manedalorian'
Sen. Ted Cruz slammed Disney’s decision to fire Gina Carano (inset) from ‘The Manedalorian’
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Cano’s firing by Disney and then the dumping by the United Talent Agency (UTA) sparked outrage online and saw the hashtag Cline Trading #concensdisniplus.

“Disney has canceled @ginacarano, so I’m canceling my @ DisneyPlus” Rubin hosts the report Dave Rubin tweeted.

Gina Carano's Instagram posts compare being a conservative in the US and being Jewish during the Holocaust
Gina Carano’s Instagram post compares being a US serviceman and being Jewish during the Holocaust

“Off Giving money to people who hate you, “Added right-wing critic Jack Posobic, who also noted that Disney had exposed director James Gunn to pediphilia and rape, despite being strong on old posts.

“Disney retains James Gunn but fired Gina Carano tells you everything,” Posobib wrote.